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in real estate in BaliFor stable passive income in usd

  • Ready villas
  • Villas under construction
  • Fractional investing
  • Investing in Cryptocurrency

The real estate in which you invest increases your usd capital — 15% of income and 15% increase in value per year.

Our offers

Investment decisions

You plan to invest and make a profit. We expect and guarantee that your profit will be real.

  • Ready-made villas

    From 200 thousand dollars with 15% of income and 15% of cost growth. Maintenance and rental. Payment is made monthly.

  • Villas under construction

    From 150 thousand dollars in installments of 25% * 4 for 8-12 months and according to the stage of implementation. A 25% increase in value in the first year and 15% subsequent rental income.

  • Fractional investment

    From 10 thousand dollars with 15% income and 15% increase in value, shared ownership, high liquidity.

  • Investing in Cryptocurrency

    Invest cryptocurrency in real estate starting from $500 and become the owner of a share in a Villa in Bali.

You plan to invest and make a profit. We expect and guarantee that your profit will be real.

A range of legal and valuation services

Verified properties for safe investments

Real estate for investment in Bali

Verified properties for high returns

The company's specialists

They will consult, answer your questions and help you choose a property for investment.

Advantages of investing:

  • Legal transparency. Registration with a notary and with government agencies, confirmation on the state online website.
  • Stable income in usd.
  • Security of the property.
  • Political stability.
  • We will help you sell the liquidity of an object or share with a guaranteed sale period.
  • Seasonality all year round.
  • Occupancy rate 75-80%
  • Entering a growing market.

Disadvantages of the real estate market:

  • High start-up capital.
  • Low liquidity.

There is a solution:

Our company has created product No. 3 - collective investment of 10 thousand dollars. Registration by our specialists. You can sell at any time.

Stages of cooperation

We determine the investment goal, budget and provide verified real estate for high profitability.

  1. Contact us

    We will help you choose the best investment product that satisfies you as much as possible.

  2. Information about the object

    Providing you with documentation on the object.

  3. Paperwork

    Signing a contract (possibly remotely from an EDS).

  4. You make a profit from your investment property

    Transfer of income to your account.

Let's select and calculate the investment attractiveness of real estate in Bali

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